YUNMAI Smart Training Skipping Rope

Weight: 139g
Length: 3 meters
Working time: 150 days
Charging time: 2 hours

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Equipped with CC2541 Bluetooth chip and high-precision sensor, it measure date reliably and accurately with more testing. Once it connect to phone, it can upload date automatically and sync to the cloud, and measure the curve of speed to record to your every jump.


Adjustable lock

The universal length is 3 meters. Equipped with original patented clip skipping rope design, you can adjust the length of rope according to the height freely. It is easy to meet the needs of people without height.


360 universal bearings

Using imported universal bearing, it is in good performance of speed, stability and fluency. The bearing can make 10 million turns. You can enjoy jumping without noise and jam in smooth speed.


Superior battery

Using superior battery, it can be used for 150 days after charging for 2 hours. It is safe to charge with USB charge interface.


Anti-slip frosted surface

The anti-slip frosted surface provide a firm grip. The anti-slip resistance is greater as the palm is wetter, which ensure you can focus on achieving your goals without being troubled by sweat.




The name of cargo: YUNMAI Smart Training Skipping Rope

Weight: 139g

Length: 3 meters

Working time: 150 days

Charging time: 2 hours

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