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Amazing! Android 11 Beta Updates Some More People-oriented Functions
- Jun 12, 2020 -


Android 11 Beta introduces a new notification system, which divides notifications into three categories: Conversations, Alerting notifications, and Silent notifications, enabling users to quickly find the notification content they want.

At present, there are not many devices that support Android 11 Beta. In addition to Google's own Pixel series of phones, OnePlus 8 series, Xiaomi 6 and OPPO Find X2 Pro are the few devices that have confirmed to support the public beta.

Android 11 pays more attention to "people, controls, and privacy" , but not all new features will be sent to users at the first time, and need to be constantly polished and tested. Although Android and iOS systems have been copying each other in recent years, the innovation of Android in the notification system is worth learning from Apple.

Android 11 will automatically classify all notifications from SMS and instant messaging into Conversations notification class, so that you can see these key information more conveniently. Information is a key element of the current mobile experience, and instant messaging notifications are usually the most important notifications. In Android 11, they are all grouped together and placed on top of all notifications. This way you will not miscalculate important chat messages.

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