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Amazing Promotion! AliPay Greatly Enhances The Ability Of AI Picture Classification
- Jun 12, 2020 -


Recently, the opening of CVPR 2020, a top-level computer vision conference CVPR 2020, was announced. The results of the FGVC (Fine-Grained Visual Categorization, fine-grained image classification) global challenge hosted by Kaggle, the world's largest machine learning platform, were announced. Alipay Tianyu Security Lab won the championship and surpassed 1316 top computer vision teams worldwide.

As the core capability of artificial intelligence, computer vision requires higher and finer image classification technology. Only by making the machine "see" more detailed and accurate can the machine's judgment be a breakthrough. Fine-grained image classification is aimed at more microscopic object categories, for example, not only to identify it as a bird, but also to determine the specific type of bird, and to identify the style of the car.

Fine-grained image classification is a very challenging direction in the field of computer vision. This year, Kaggle launched a total of six tasks around this direction, and Alipay participated in the classification of diseased plant images. The competition investigated the ability of AI visual recognition technology to distinguish different types of disease on apple tree leaf pictures. In the training set 1821 images and the test set 1821 images, high-precision discrimination was completed.

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