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Did MI Band 4 Reach The Ceiling? MI Band 5 Tells You NO
- Jun 12, 2020 -


Since the release of the first generation, Xiaomi has gradually become the largest smart wearable brand in China. After the release of MI Band 4 last year, MI Band 5 followed the step this year.

What surprises will the MI Band that seems to be about to touch the ceiling bring us? From the outer packaging point of view, MI Band 5 finally changed the black and white stitching of the previous three or four generations, and the whole body was completely black, but the laser material of this figure "5" is exactly the same as MI Band 4.

The wristband is still made of soft TPU material. It doesn't need too much "strength" when it is worn. It can be worn easily, and it is not difficult to find the position that matches your wrist. During this time, I was used to the Xiaomi watch. After wearing the MI Band, it was particularly cool, and I didn't want to wear it back.

The brightness of the screen backlight can be adjusted in five levels. The official said that the maximum brightness can reach 450nit or more, even band was only in the third level. After adjusting to the highest brightness, it is very clear to view the bracelet outdoors.

It is more breathable when you exercise without sweating, which is one of the reasons why many people prefer smart bracelets. Under the premise of maintaining high-precision six-axis motion sensor and 5 ATM level waterproof unchanged, MI Band 5 adds 5 sports modes of rowing machine, yoga, skipping rope, elliptical machine, indoor riding, plus the original swimming. There are 6 sport modes: outdoor running, indoor running, walking, exercising, and cycling, which supports a total of 11 sport modes.

In terms of sleep monitoring, the accuracy of MI Band 5 has been increased by 40%. It also supports monitoring of the rapid eye movement period, which allows users to better understand their sleep status. Anyone who has used a smart bracelet should have seen "dazzling" visible green light at night. This time, the Xiaomi bracelet 5 NFC version additionally supports infrared monitoring to reduce the interruption of sleep at night. Siesta is also an important time to replenish the body's energy during the day. The new sporadic nap mode supports the monitoring of naps, so that you can finally fully understand the sleep status throughout the day.

In the PAI value on smart watches, MI Band has finally been introduced this time. The PAI algorithm can convert the heart rate value into a PAI value, allowing users to understand the body state more intuitively. Officials say that people who continue to keep their PAI score above 100 have a lower risk of illness.

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